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When it comes to EV Chargers Installation for your home, there are a lot of things that every client should consider. By all means you should go with some of the most reputable manufacturers of electric vehicles car chargers. Moreover, you have to make sure that you chose professional and certified installer of your EV Home Charger. It is important indeed to go with trained and reliable electrical engineer, when it comes to your electric vehicle home charging point.

QUBEV Smart Rolec EV Charger

7.4 kW Fast Charger

QUBEV Smart Rolec EV Charger
price from £899.00 fitted (ex VAT)



The QUBEV Smart , by Rolec is currently one of the UK’s most affordable smart charging stations. With its complimentary Wifi app, this innovative device offers a range of intelligent features that provide enhanced visibility into your power consumption, real-time security alerts, and fault detection. Whether you prefer the 7.4kW or 22kW options, and whether you need a tethered or socketed model, the QUBEV Smart is designed to meet all the requirements of today’s electric vehicle owners.

  • Universal charging socket or Type 2 tethered lead
  • Free QUBEV Smart Wi-Fi app
  • Scheduled / off-peak charging
  • Solar compatible (single phase models only)
  • Corrosion & fire resistant

Connection Types Available

Easee One

7 kW Fast Charger