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EO Mini Pro 3 Charger

EO Mini Pro 3 Charger

In the very similar way as its predecessor EO Mini Pro 3 Charger, also relays on its compact design. As very often the size really matters. Yet this time bigger, does not necessary means better. Here we have a fantastic car charger that have all of the feature you may need fit in a size of A5 piece of paper. Yes just fold a standard sheet of paper in two and you will get the approximate dimensions of the brand new EO Mini Pro 3 Charger.

EO Mini Pro 3

7 kW Fast Charger

EO Mini Pro 3
price from £1,049.00 fitted (ex VAT)



EO Mini Pro 3, is by all means one of the smallest home car chargers currently available. However, it does not means that it compromises on any features, not performance indeed. Designed and manufactured in the UK, it does comply with all British standards and electric regulations. This compact home charger focuses on connectivity and reliability and combines the functionality of its predecessor. And yet the EO Mini Pro 3 and takes everything  it to a whole new level.

  • Compact Design

  • WIFI, Ethernet & Bluetooth Connectivity (4G Ready)

  • Solar Integration

  • Single-phase up to 7.2kW, or three-phase up to 22kW

  • Integrated RFID reader & EO branded RFID tags available

  • No need for earth rods with built-in open PEN conductor protection

Connection Types Available