EV Home Charger

EV Net EV7 Charger

EV Net EV7 Charger

EV Net EV7 is a truly spectacular charging station. Compact in size does not necessary means lack of functionality. With this home charger in fact it is quite the opposite. It’s enhanced connectivity, allows you to connect it via 4G, Wife, Ethernet, as well as Bluetooth. This allows you to remote control and real-time monitor of your device. All of this from the comfort of the EV Point app. Internet connectivity also enables remote updates to improve the device’s functionality and online diagnostics in case of issues or malfunctions. It’s not only that, this charger is currently prices as the most affordable in the UK market. This immediately puts it on top of the list of our favourite EV chargers.

EV Net EV7

7.4 kW Fast Charger

EV Net Charger
price from £799.00 fitted (ex VAT)


Sync EV Pro

Affordability is the key component of every home charger. While EV Net Home Charger comes at very affordable price, it does not cut corners at all. This home charging station offers enhanced functionality and connectivity, fully covering all of your home charging needs.

EV Net EV7 is a truly special charging station. The compact size of this home charger makes it an easy and convenient solution for charging of all types of electric vehicles. It is often preferred option for both residential and commercial use.

  • Discreet and compact design
  • RFID functionality enabled

  • 4G, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connectivity

  • Dynamic charging

  • Full Smart Functionality

  • Integrated open PEN conductor protection.

Connection Types Available